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What is on this week:


QMRC Marksman Badge

Full Match100m, 200m

@ 300m Range

Page 30 in QMRC Shoot Format Book


Saturday 25th March, 2016

Range opens at 08:00

Comp starts at 09:00

Unfortunately for the first full Marksmanship Badge Shoot (MBS) there is no 300 m range spaces available on the weekend 25/26 Mar 17 at Belmont;therefore the MBS 300 m serials will be conducted at 200 m substituting sitting unsupported instead of prone unsupported.


Service Pistol

@ 50m Pistol Range



Saturday 25th March, 2016



The NEWQMRCResults website

A new website has been delivered that will calculate and store the weekly rifle competition results, as well as manage handicaps and shield scoring. The website replaces an old Windows XP dbase3 system and brings the club up to date with current technology.

You can access the site at

Everyone is able to see the results of every rifle match starting from 2017 and going forward.

However, as a club member you also have the ability to login to the site and then you will be able to view:

  • A filtered list of events that only shows the events you have competed in
  • A detailed history of your handicap (including a graph), so that you can track how your shooting is improving!

If you would like to gain access to login to the website, please send an email toresults@qmrcwith your club number and name and you will receive your login details via return email.


To all QMRC members of the

NEW range fee's

Range fee for QMRC MEMBERS is$5.00

Range fee for Visitors is$20.00

QMRC Committee : 07/11/2016 23:29




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